Why more foreigners want to know more about China.

Why more foreigners want to know more about China.

Lineo Kobeli , an International relations specialist from Lesotho, and now pursuing a doctorate in education at Beijing Normal University.

During her seven years in China, she is increasingly understanding what makes China attractive to the world. In her view, China’s rapid technological innovation and increasingly open international environment have attracted more and more foreigners to come here.

Lineo says: “Places like Hangzhou in Zhejiang Province are now entrepreneurial hubs; they have a lot of startups and a good environment for startups. In Guangzhou, the entrepreneurial environment has become increasingly international, attracting more and more foreign talents and foreign investors. And I find that now foreign companies want to seek even more in China, they are hungry for Chinese expertise.”

The development of China’s digital economy has also brought more and more convenience to people who work and live here. Lino believes that: “The future of China’s digital economy is bright. Whether it’s digital governance or data management, it’s done well to make sure that people are always connected to their own health insurance, education, and all of that information, and that connection can facilitate people’s lives.”

She is also keen to seize the new opportunities of China’s digital economy development, and promote the cooperation between the Guangdong Chamber of Commerce in Africa and Chinese live e-commerce platforms to promote specialty products such as cocoa and coffee beans from Africa to Chinese consumers, building a bridge for Africa-China trade.

‘’We want to promote more African products through live e-commerce, and also want to let Africa know more Chinese brand products.” Says Lineo

China provides a lot of innovative opportunities and new experiences for young foreigners like herself, and coming to China will make people really think outside the box.

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