Spreading the Chinese Culture to the world

Spreading the Chinese Culture to the world

This week I am very touched, especially because we have five schools around the world where children can learn simple Chinese from the age of five. Although there are Confucius institutes around the world, there has never been a place where children from five to twelve can learn the Chinese language.   This is the first time that I did it, thanks to everyone’s support and help. I don’t have a lot of money but I’m very passionate about spreading Chinese culture. 

Our leader said, If you want to be my friend, You have to know me first. Language barrier has always been the biggest obstacle in China-African relations. If Africans can speak Chinese, they will understand Chinese people and will love china more and Chinese people will also understand them better. I believe that the future of the world belongs to children, and we need to start from the children. In the future, the friendship, cooperation, and development of the Chinese and African people will be carried on by the children. It will be wonderful if children can start learning simple Chinese at a younger age so that at the age of 12 and above, they will start studying more professionally, just like in Confucius institute and universities, and will not be afraid to have more in-depth knowledge. This way, when some people want to travel to china they will know where to go, where to do business and how to bargain. Students will also know how to make purchases. I think this is my approach and our Chinese Ambassador in Sierra Leone and the Deputy Minister of Education of the State Council are also very supportive.

I am grateful to the Confucius Institute for arranging professional teachers to help us start teaching children and to train our teachers. I would also like to thank the leadership and team of the Chinese People’s Association for Foreign Affairs, which has been helping me with this in Sierra Leone. On behalf of the SCAFA, I want to thank them for all the help they have given me in China. I also want to thank Simao (Beijing) Culture and Art Co., Ltd., my brother Cheng Zhonghe, Luo Wen, Nika, Yego, all of you.

Wow a great history I made for our beloved Africa and China in ( Sierra Leone ). The first in history to have 5 to start this week smallsmallchinese ( simple way of vocabulary chinese/ English in the world.ago from 5to 12 or 13years. Am proud but I really want to thank all the people that help me with out ur help my ideas should be nothing. So thx u all. And as I Alway sayI’ll continue my dreams” to make Africa China proud”. Pls share and I look forward to work with everyone that have the same thinking . It will be all over Africa country’s soon or later need ur support. Thank you Xiexie. Pls check on all out social media links. Type( smallsmallchinese.) Alway smile


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