African Students get Engineering Experiences in China

African Students get Engineering Experiences in China

This year, Altini Natacha Goumbri, a student from Burkina Faso studying at Wuhan University in Wuhan, Hubei province, had a birthday to remember

She was moved to tears when more than 30 employees of the expressway construction project where Goumbri is receiving a month of training celebrated her 23rd birthday with her on Wednesday.

At the university’s School of Civil Engineering, Goumbri is a junior majoring in engineering management. During the construction of the expressway, two additional African students are receiving training to do tasks including quality control and daily record keeping.

Every day at eight in the morning, they depart for the project site while wearing red safety helmets and reflective vests. The international students put in a lot of effort measuring the distance between concrete bars and becoming acquainted with contemporary construction equipment and scaffolds. 

Ouedraogo Franck Aristide K from Burkina Faso said, “I have learned to grasp several words that I didn’t understand in class by practicing on the website.

According to Wu Huizhong, the project’s technology leader, special training programmes for the kids have been created, and seasoned engineers have been chosen to serve as their mentors.

Goumbri has always wanted to be a building engineer.

“After I graduate in a year, I’ll apply what I learn in China to developing my home nation. And I’ll do everything I can to foster goodwill between China and Africa “She spoke.

Wuhan University’s three African students receive training while working on an expressway in Hubei province.

During the construction of an expressway in Wuhan, three African students from Wuhan University receive training.

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