China supplies Nigeria with solar-powered traffic lights

China supplies Nigeria with solar-powered traffic lights

In the Nigerian capital Abuja, China will install solar-powered traffic light control signals at 98 intersections. This will be a second phase of the project according to media reports. The first phase was implemented in 2015.

The Chinese ambassador to Nigeria Cui Jianchun, said that the project is a great symbol of China-Nigeria friendship, the project symbolizes “a concrete embodiment of the implementation” of the nine programs of China-Africa cooperation. Ambassador Cui further noted that, “this project will bring a lot of relief to the transportation system of Abuja, will be useful to the country, and will equally impact positively on the social life of local residents.”

The permanent secretary of Nigeria’s Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Administration, Adesola Olusade,  said the construction comes at a time when the FCT was in dire need of having its major road intersections signalized for ease of traffic flow and and create order.

“The era of energy supply through solar is fast overtaking the age-long energy supply through the national grid, which is mostly unreliable. The solar-powered traffic light system in the FCT is just desirable at this moment,” Olusade added.

Abuja being one of the fastest-growing cities in the world with and a fast-growing population is facing pressure on city infrastructure, including trafficmanagement. “Today’s event, therefore, could not have come at a better time as we seek to ensure ease of traffic and orderliness on our roads through the provision of traffic control signals at major road intersections,” said Muhammad Musa Bello, minister of the FCT.

Author: Hanane Thamik is currently a Ph.D. scholar at the School of Information Management, Wuhan University, simultaneously a member of the Morocco-China Friendship Exchange Association, the author of China Today, the former author of CGTN Africa, Africa-China Review, and the Canadian magazine ( Etats de splendeur ). She was chosen as Morocco’s youth representative for the Belt and Road initiative by the Moroccan embassy in China, the Arab youth participant in the 9th Ministerial Meeting of the China-Arab States Cooperation Forum 2020, and the Ambassador of Wuhan City to the world by Changjiang Weekly Magazine, and the Moroccan Youth Representative 2020 (FOCAC, Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs). She also won the awards of the Belt and Road Tourism ambassador 2019, the Outstanding African Student in China 2018, the Cultural Achievement Award by UNESCO, the Wuhan University Outstanding International Students award 2019 and 2021, the Maotai scholarship “Excellent academic performance and outstanding overall performance 2019 and 2021,” the outstanding individual among international students fighting novel coronavirus pneumonia 2020, the only Moroccan winner of the essay contest named “experience China -our anti-epidemic story” 2020 (China Scholarship Council), the Chinese Government Outstanding International Student in China 2020 ( China Scholarship Council ),  the winner of the 5th “My Beautiful Encounter with China” essay contest for international students in China, and recently the first prize of the competition of the 37th Chu Cai Composition Competition. She was one of the successful 54 young people worldwide who has been selected to participate in a training program organized by the United Nations in Switzerland in 2019. She has also more than 20 publications among them the United Nations Geneva 2019 report, Peking University 5000-mile reports 2020 and 2021 which were handed to high-ranking officials at the Ministry of Foreign affairs in Beijing, and her most recent SCI paper, “The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Sustainable Development in Electronic Markets,” which received attention from many experts across the world and was posted by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations on its official website.

Award Ceremony in Sierra Leone

Award Ceremony in Sierra Leone

The Chinese Ambassador and all the staff of the Embassy held the award ceremony in Sierra Leone. There were also several ministers of our country attending the ceremony, giving our students the opportunity to study for free. Some of them are blind, some are disabled, and some are difficult people. I am especially happy that some children are learning simple Chinese, As the Cultural Ambassador of Sierra Leone, as the leader of the Friendship Association of Leone and Africa, I would like to thank the Chinese government, our foreign ministry, our Chinese ambassador, and all the staff of Chinese embassy. In Sierra Leone, we can continue our efforts to spread the friendship between Sierra and China to the rest of the world.
Thank you Ambassador Hu Zhangliang and all the delegates for your remarks. I am very glad to see this video, which contains the introduction of China. It is very happy to see my photos and the people of our country, friends and family watching them on TV. I will continue to work hard, hope that all Africans in China and your country and China to do cultural exchanges, you can be better, I wish all the foreigners in China all the best, I hope the friendship between Sierra Leone and China will be passed on from generation to generation. I also wish that China and Africa will be better and better, China, and the whole world, Maria will continue to work hard.
Some parents of children sent me messages asking me to thank the Chinese government on behalf of their families. I hope my voice will be transmitted to the government and people of China. Those children and families in Sierra Leone who have been helped should thank you. Thank you China! thx to the Chinese government for the great support to the kids of Sierra Leone in the education life. Thank you the Chinese Ambassador Hu.

Biography of Ambassador LIU Yuxi

Biography of Ambassador LIU Yuxi

Born in Jiangsu Province in November 1961. University graduate.

2018- Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary, Head of Mission of the People’s Republic of China to the African Union and Representative of the People’s Republic of China to the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa

2013-2018 Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the People’s Republic of China to the Republic of Togo

Amb. LIU has joined the diplomatic service for more than 30 years. He was Minister Counselor in the Chinese Embassy in the Republic of France and Counselor in the Chinese Embassy in the Republic of Congo.

Amb. LIU was Vice Mayor of Cangzhou Municipal Government, Hebei Province. He also worked in the Liaison Office of China’s Central People’s Government in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region as Deputy Director-General of the General Office.

Married with one son.

The experience of fighting the epidemic with the Chinese people is an unforgettable memory in my life” – Hexiaona, a young Moroccan

The experience of fighting the epidemic with the Chinese people is an unforgettable memory in my life” – Hexiaona, a young Moroccan

“From agricultural transformation to industrial development, from e-commerce to education, China’s poverty alleviation practice has fully demonstrated China’s institutional advantages and the wisdom of the Chinese people, highlighted the governance capabilities of the Chinese government, and set an example for other countries in the world.”

In February this year, the Moroccan mainstream journal “Challenge Weekly” published an article entitled “China’s Poverty Alleviation Practice in the Eyes of a Moroccan Youth”, introducing China’s poverty reduction achievements to the world. The author of the article is Hanane Thamik, a Moroccan girl who is studying for a doctorate in e-commerce at Wuhan University. In China, she prefers to be called by her Chinese name – Hexiaona.

During her study abroad, Hexiaona visited Xing County, Shanxi Province under the organization of the Chinese People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries. The local e-commerce poverty alleviation measures attracted her attention. “The agricultural products with distinctive local characteristics have been carefully sorted, deeply processed, and creatively packaged, and the price has doubled. Villagers use Internet retailers and live broadcast platforms to sell these agricultural products. While increasing income, it also brings new momentum to rural economic development.” In Hexiaona’s view, the Chinese government has vigorously popularized digital infrastructure and organized e-commerce training. The rapid development of rural e-commerce has become an important tool for farmers to get rid of poverty. During this visit, Hexiaona also put forward her own suggestions from a professional perspective on topics such as how to strengthen the construction of rural information service stations, establish e-commerce stations for poverty alleviation, and further cultivate e-commerce talents.

“Seeing is better than seeing. Studying in China has made me no longer limit my imagination to this country with a vast land, rich resources and a large population. I am proud of witnessing the vigorous development of China, and I am very proud of the fact that my trip was worthwhile and I have gained a lot. “Having lived in China for 8 years, Hexiaona has a deep affection for the land under her feet.

Hexiaona was deeply impressed by an ordinary Wuhan morning. The sky has just appeared a touch of fish belly white, the streets have been bustling with passers-by, sanitation workers are cleaning the streets, taxis are running through the streets, and hot noodles in snack shops have come out of the pot… “I am deeply moved by the hard work of the Chinese people. It is these ordinary workers who have created China’s development miracle.” She believes that China’s amazing development achievements in the past few decades are neither easy nor coincidental. “The leadership of the Communist Party of China has ensured the implementation and continuity of various policies, created a stable development environment, and safeguarded the country’s long-term peace and stability.”

During the prevention and control of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, Hexiaona chose to stay behind to fight the epidemic with the Chinese people. She donated the 5,000 yuan she had accumulated and told the world the story of China’s fight against the epidemic with her personal experience. “Under the leadership of the Communist Party of China, the Chinese people are united to fight the epidemic. This experience of fighting the epidemic with the Chinese people is an unforgettable memory in my life.” Hexiaona said emotionally.

Youth is the future of China-Africa friendship. He Xiaona is a member of the Africa-China Leadership Association, which regularly hosts webinars on topics such as China-Africa technology and business to build a platform for youth exchanges. Hexiaona writes weekly articles on Africa-China cooperation for the association. “I sincerely hope that young people in African countries will fully learn from China’s development experience and become the main force in Africa’s poverty reduction in the future, promote Africa’s economic and social development, and continue the friendship between African and Chinese people from generation to generation.” Hexiaona said.